A Month Without Coffee

How I survived without coffee for one month.

My first cup of coffee was at my grandma's. I wasn't allowed to pour my own. But was heavy handed with the sugar. My coffee tasted of cream and was nearly the same color. Ever since that morning I've been drinking coffee almost daily. Shout out to my Grandma.

I'm much older now. And while trying to reassess what I actually need, I began to question coffee. Does it do me any good, or is it just a habit? How would the day be if I were to abstain from drinking this productivity potion? I decided to try an experiment.

TLDR; I stopped drinking coffee for a month and my energy was much more consistent. I also felt more tranquil and positive.

The First Morning

I awoke in a haze on a Monday morning. Resisting the temptation to brew a cup of joe, I reached for water – the same water that waiters hate to hear you order. Needless to say it was dull and rather underwhelming.

It was the first of February and I just wanted a warm beverage. For a second, I thought about ending the experiment. Forgoing coffee wasn't difficult, but not having a warm drink was. I planned to stock up on some tea to get me through the month.

All Day Energy

I didn't crash after lunch, which means I didn't have the lull in productivity. I began to notice that I felt lighter and more present. While working my mind focused on the task at hand, not the three other things I had to do. This yielded better results on whatever I was working on, whether that be an some code, or just typing up an email. My mind wasn't wandering, and I was focusing on one thing at a time.

It was an unexpected, but I also noticed I was in a better mood. I don't know why. I wasn't the only one to noticed that I was much more cheerful.

Times I Really Wanted a Cup O' Joe:


Prior to my coffee abstinence, I began to explore tea. The types I tried didn't provide the same satisfaction. However they were tasty and fulfilling in their own way. I'd typically have a cup of Assam or Silver Leaf in the mid morning. The mental effect wasn't the same – a more mellow, yet focused, state of mind. I'd say tea was a good subsitute, but not at all replacement.

Now What?

I still love coffee. I don't plan to stop drinking it. I just don't want to have it deeply embedded into my routine. Having a cup or two when I am feeling sluggish sounds good to me. When I'm not I'll stick with water or tea.